Area Rugs in Panama City

Area Rugs in Panama City

Decor is defined as the furnishing and decoration of a room. But, I believe it is so much more than that. Decor is more than just couches, rugs, and vases. Decor is the foundation that makes a house feel like home. When someone first moves or is feeling empty or lonely in their house the first thing they do is go home decor shopping. Decor is the way to fill a room that allows you to feel something.


Whether it be your great grandmother’s sofa passed down from generation to generation or that finger weave rug that you saw and just had to have. Decor in a room allows you to showcase yourself in a room while also making it comfortable for everybody in it. Beyond physical decor such as couches and rugs, you can also have wall decor such as paint, pictures, and posters. Science shows that by painting a room a certain color it affects your mood. For example, red stimulates energy and liveliness while blue is more serene and calming. Pictures can also add a certain feeling of nostalgia and happiness to moments of your past whether it’s your childhood or a memory that you just particularly enjoy. Personally, the way that my grandmother’s house was decorated affected the person that I grew up to be when I was looking for area rugs in Panama City.


My grandma’s house was welcoming from the moment that you walked in the door with yellow and orange walls that stimulate welcoming feelings but also stimulate your appetite which was perfect because there was always food being made in the kitchen. She had her entire living room centered around her back door that lead to her backyard which where I spent a lot of my childhood inspiring the active lifestyle that I lead today. Grandma’s house was the place where people would congregate because it had a tremendous feeling of home and it was a place that once you arrived you felt happy and loved and just ready to have a good time.


Even when my grandma left the house that I grew up in she kept some of her old furniture to rebuild the feelings that came with her house. To this day, when I think of a place where I can go and feel warm, loved, and feel like I’m at home I envision my grandma’s house. It’s a place where the decor goes beyond the function of making a place look better but also allows the place to feel better.

Redoing My Home Decor

Prior to a recent renovation, the guest bathroom was a source of shame in our house for years. The mirror that was fixed onto the wall lackadaisically by the home builder had crashed onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces a few years ago, and we hadn’t been bothered to fix it. The small bathroom instantly was even more closed off without any mirrors to make it appear bigger. Then, there was a leak in one of the sinks that caused the carpet to need to be ripped out. Paired with the old linoleum flooring in the toilet portion of the bathroom, cracking sinks, and old baseboards, the merely 15-year-old bathroom needed major help.

Once guests were coming to stay at our home and appearances of the bathroom mattered (we could no longer simply rush someone past the shameful bathroom and towards a more presentable one in the house), it was clear we needed to roll up our sleeves and get to work. New, water-tight flooring replaced the yoga mat we stood on for years. I painstakingly hand-painted the cabinets white and added silver hardware, instantly updating the look. A new mirror was placed on the wall which instantly seemed to add square footage to the small room.


Light fixtures were updated, and new soap dispensers and counter decor took the space from horror-film set to a luxury spa feel in comparison. Due to a bit of hard work, quality products, and following inspirational photos, our guest bathroom is now a source of pride in our home instead of a source of shame! I find myself preferring to use this bathroom now, simply due to how bright and open it feels with the new additions. Taking the time to redecorate a part of your home can truly transform the space, and I have experience that first hand.

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